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Your Health Centre, Your Doctor

Our network of health centres has a strong primary care base of physicians, specialists and other qualified medical staff, trained to administer comprehensive and world class medical services to all patients with varying medical concerns and conditions.

We have over 20 well-equipped health centres in the East African region, manned by professional staff, including more than 200 qualified medical professionals. Our health centres are interlinked by the latest management information system to guarantee a patient-centred focus, which has put us at the vanguard of healthcare in the region. Your health is truly our priority…at all times.

Depending on location, our health centres have flexible business hours, including a facility that provides round the clock care. This is in addition to our Nurse Helpline that is open 24 hrs for consultation at all times. Like a personal doctor, we are always on call to provide personalised care that is never more than a phone call away.


We are the only healthcare company in Eastern Africa with a network of health centres, managed and staffed professionally to international standards. This network has made it possible to provide cost-effective healthcare for about one-third the cost charged by other providers in the region. Our strategy is guided by our vision to be the preferred healthcare company in Africa that prioritises the health of its members. The strategic location of the health centres complements our mission to make quality healthcare accessible to all.

Our competency and professional integrity have earned us market leadership, and we now offer primary care to clients of other medical insurance companies in the region, as well as the general public. This foresight is behind the increased demand for our services that is projected to increase by about 50 per cent by 2015.

We aim at building a foundation for the promotion of health and provision of top quality primary healthcare in a personalised, convenient and cost-effective manner, much in the same way as a personal physician, only better.

Health Promotion

AAR’s health promotion initiative is targeted at putting healthcare back into the hands of our members, by promoting healthy living. Healthy individuals translate into happy families and productive workforces, hence our focus on prevention rather than treatment.

We invest a lot of resources and time on creating awareness on how to avoid and manage emerging lifestyle conditions like diabetes, hypertension, HIV/Aids, and other chronic ailments.

International Standards

We benchmark our healthcare service with the World Health Organisation’s standards of disease management and treatment, encompassing the entirety medical treatment and health management such as:

  • Nutrition
  • Medication
  • Lifestyle modification

By benchmarking our services, we guarantee that our customers’ health is assured through measurable and reputable medical principles. Our services comply with all medical regulations in all the countries we operate in such as medical practitioners’ and dentists’ boards, nursing councils, pharmaceutical societies, and medical laboratory technicians’ and technologists’ boards. For every disease type, we follow international treatment and management plans. All our medical staff are familiar with these plans. We are also fully compliant with environmental regulations of bodies in the region, especially in terms of medical waste disposal.

Service Beyond Measure

We assure all our customers of world class service in a friendly and comfortable environment. Every time you walk through the doors of our health centres, you should expect timely service and cordial treatment from our team of professionally trained personnel with a high level of integrity. Over 570,000 patients who visit our health centres every year receive personalised service, thanks to an advanced Management Information System that links all our health centres throughout the region.

Since all our health centres have access to our members’ records, you need not worry about your medication, prescriptions, treatment and health management. Any one of our doctors in the network of health centres can pull out your records from our system, ensuring credible and high quality service that is informed by our patient-centric approach. That is why we are more than just a network of professional healthcare facilities. We are virtually your personal doctor – because we know you, we guarantee you convenience, and are on call 24/7.

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